Our new collection of prints is ready! A great diversity of designs under our distinctive hand that makes us unique and on our unbeatable 100% cotton base.
There is a before and an after 2020 and to a greater or lesser extent we have all seen how our lives have changed and have had to adapt to a different reality to the one we were used to. 2021 arrived with high hopes, although we have been able to see as the months have gone by that nothing has changed. The reality that now accompanies us has made us look inwards, take refuge in our homes, spend more time in them. And what better way to do so if we surround ourselves with atmospheres that bring us wellbeing and reflect our personality. With this in mind, we are launching this new collection. To feel at ease at home living our own reality. We hope you like it…….

Dare to be different!!! Textiles Joyper S.l

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