The Government entrusts Alcoy textile companies to lead the production of sanitary garments for all of Spain

The Government has commissioned the Alcoy textile sector to lead the manufacture of sanitary garments for all of Spain, taking into account the serious deficiencies that currently exist as a consequence of the coronavirus crisis. The Technological Institute (AITEX), located in the Alicante municipality, is currently working on the homologation of tissues that meet all the requirements for the manufacture of masks and gowns that can be used both in hospitals and in health centers. At the outset, a hundred companies, most belonging to the cluster formed by l’Alcoià, El Comtat and the Vall d’Albaida, have offered to provide information and participate in manufacturing. The Government, in the framework of the declaration of the state of alert to combat the coronavirus, has contacted the Spanish Intertextile Council with the aim of probing the possibility of manufacturing sanitary garments that can be used with all the guarantees by health professionals both in hospitals and in health centers. The request originates from the current deficit in regards to masks, medical uniforms, wipes or other personal protective equipment, due to the exponential increase in their use as a consequence of the crisis caused by Covid-19. In fact, in recent days seizures have had to be made in companies that had this type of material in their possession, and they have also resorted to buying in other countries, where there are also serious problems in finding clothes because they are of a pandemic and there is great demand internationally. Material of this type is also arriving from China. The Generalitat, without going any further, has chartered two planes to bring masks, respirators, gowns and glasses from the Asian country. The response from the textile sector has been immediate, given that employers have asked companies to report their productive capacities, availability of raw materials and resources, especially non-woven fabrics for the manufacture of tissues or wipes, as well as of protective equipment, such as masks. Also of textiles for medical uniforms or personal protective equipment in industries and laboratories.

According to the information provided, a hundred companies are actively collaborating, reporting on the required needs and offering data regarding global sources of supply, which can provide basic medical supplies and raw materials to manufacture nationwide. . These same firms, most belonging to the textile cluster configured by the Alicante regions of l’Alcoià and El Comtat, and the Valencian region of Vall d’Albaida, have expressed their willingness to collaborate in the elaboration of this type of garment. Within the actions that are being carried out with the utmost speed, the Textile Technological Institute (AITEX), based in Alcoy, is already working to standardize fabrics and materials so that the companies that have offered to manufacture this type of garments can do it. It has been the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE), dependent on the Ministry of Industry, which has contacted the institute to carry out this commission. Sources of the AITEX itself have pointed out to this newspaper that without a security approval these types of articles cannot be produced, since not all fabrics or materials are worth it.


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