We believe in a sustainable future, and therefore the printing of our standard collections have been made in an organic cotton and a recycled polyester, in addition to doing it with digital printing with Oeko-Tex certified dyes. By moving from rotary printing to digital printing, we are contributing to a 70% water saving and a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions. We have also introduced recycled materials in the manufacture of our jacquards, thus making a qualitative and ecological advance in the world of decoration.

We believe that with the use of organic cotton and recycled materials in our fabrics, we give added value to our products, and acquire a social and environmental awareness.

All weaving leftovers are collected to be given and recycled.

All the remaining cardboard is collected and given to be recycled.

All plastic cones of the thread bobbins are collected and given to be recycled.

All facilities are with low consumption lights.

Why buy an organic textile product?

Why buy a recycled textile product?

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